Mosaic Crochet A New Technique Or An Adventure!

I have recently entered the world of Mosaic Crochet, although I have learned crochetting since I was 10 and it is a kind of releafing activity for me. I personally love crocheting very much but this new technique is the whole new world and I am happy at this critical moment of world’s uncertaintity I am certain of what I do.

I have opened a new page on Instagram and I share my findings and learning and I try to introduce mosaic crochet to Iranian crochet lovers and I teach its techniques in my native language, Farsi. It’s a new adventure and I just want to be active and do something for disappointed and depressed people in Iran. Even though there are lots of tutorial on the web or in social media, I thought there is room for improvement and many people in Iran are not good at English and they need someone to translate the works of art and I am playing the role of that translator for them. It’s a very simple and small effort to spread kindness so that we can save the world. I hope that doesn’t sound like I am copying anybody cuz this isn’t my intention at all. My effort might seem as light after a dark tunnel. If it helps people to overcome their fears, reduces their anxiety and stress and bring them peace and joy , I think I have reached my goal.

Mosaic crochet is something beyond a simple act of creation. It is like a therapy and I highly recommand it if you are spending a time of anxiety.

In this post I want to share with you some of my own creation using tuturials from differnt youtube channels. My special thanks to Tinna from Iceland. I think she is the number one in Mosaic crochet and I am grateful of her generosity. I have used some of her designs. She is an active designer in You can find her free and paid designs in that website.

If you like to follow my Instagram Page you can find me at @mahoorcrochet.


2 thoughts on “Mosaic Crochet A New Technique Or An Adventure!

    • I do agree with you. In my view life is a big joke. Sometimes we are taking it too seriously. Maybe it’s time to just let it go. Then we will embrace true joy and peace.

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