Geometric Shapes And New Patterns in Mosaic Crochet

Geometric shapes with thousands years of existance do not belong to anybody. They are universal and can be used for any purposes. In Mosaic crochet also we are dealing with these beautiful and symmetrical shapes. The combination and mixture of these shapes actually create a new form and style in crocheting. In my belief, we just use a new technique to repeat the same shapes created thousands of years ago by our ancesters. But can we claim that these are our own invention and creation? Can we say that these are our new design while we are using the existing patterns remained from the past?

It is better to say we are reusing these patterns by using new techniques to save the patterns for new generation. This is the appreciation and not simply copying the past!

Most of these Geometric Shapes and patterns do exist in the works of art as our heritage in my homeland, Iran. If you go to Isfahan, Shiraz , Yazd and Kerman( the oldest cities in Iran) you will see many beautiful Geometric shapes in old buildings. As a matter of fact, most of these shapes and patterns were designed and introduced by Iranian Mathematicians to the world.

These patterns were used by Persian artists of all ages. Persian rugs are the best example. We have different types of rugs such as Carpet( Farsh or Ghali), Glim, Jajim and Gabeh and many others.

I am trying to convert those existing shapes and patterns from Persian Rugs into Mosaic Crochet and I believe it is the only thing I can do at the moment to introduce those designs to other people all over the world.I have always been obssessed with rugs and their patterns since my mom was making Persian carpet herself and she thaught me how to read the patterns from the map and sometimes there was not a map for what she made and she did it by heart. I wish I could remeber those patterns. Of course converting those patterns into Mosaic Crochet is a tedious work since it needs counting and concentration and testing the pattern before even thinking to publish it so that others can enjoy using it as a different pattern. This is a new adventure and I know it takes time and needs research and I need to understand if these two different style are compatible and convertable or not.

Wish me luck.


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