Mosaic Crochet is so addictive!

It’s been a while I am doing mosaic crochet and I try to convert each and every chart that I find on the internet into Mosaic Crochet. Some of the charts are not really made for this technique and I mostly have hard times to figure out how to adapt the new chart. I can’t say that these are my own creation as they were made by others, but I love and treat them as my own.

Mosaic crochet is so versatile but I still couldn’t find a way how to use more than two colors in the same pattern. I think it is impossible to get three or more colors involved. It’s a pity, cuz many Persian rugs have patterns of multi-colors and the beauty of these colors will fade away if you have to consider only two colors.

As many would say, Mosaic Crochet is so addictive. When you finish the first project, you can’t wait starting a new one. My husband gets angry when he sees I am thinking about a new pattern and have my yarn and hook with me everywhere I go. I love crochet but this new technique is so fascinating that I can’t stop learning and working on my new projects.

Working on my own patterns are in progress. I hope to complete and test them as soon as possible. Since I would start studying in University again as of this January hopefully and then I won’t have time to do Mosaic crochet again. I will continue teaching whatever I’ve learned so far on my Instagram page (@mahoorcrochet) and these tutorials are in my native language Farsi for Farsi speakers all over the world.

Here are some of my projects.

Hope you like Mosaic Crochet like me and try to improve your new skills. I will provide some tutorials in English too.


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