Living Like a Designer!

Last year this time, when I started learning mosaic crochet, I never thought one day I would be able to design a pattern myself. That was so out of my sight and beyond my consideration. One year later exactly in June I published my first pattern in mosaic crochet. I didn’t expect to sell any copy of it, since I am an unknown designer. But I was wrong and I sold 11 copies for the first month and 16 more copies in the second month. It’s quite a big achievement and I always celebrate small things. Cuz I believe that bigger things never happen unless we are grateful for the little happiness in our lives. And I am happy that I did something big.

But this is not the end of story. Since the first publication I have worked on my second, third and fourth patterns. Some of them have been tested already and I am working on the final drafts. I have a group of testers and now they are working on their assigned projects since they are using the same pattern to make different projects and it is a secret group and no one is aware of the projects of the others. I can’t wait to see the result. I will share their pictures once they get ready.

Stay tuned!


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