A pattern for all seasons!

Once again I am so excited to announce a pattern release. This is the third version of my first pattern called Mosaic Pine Tree CAL. Yes, another Pine tree! My favorite tree. If I would be able to choose what kind of creature to be in my next life, I would definitely select to be a Pine tree, evergreen, beautiful, and of course strong.

The pattern got tested back in November but I was so busy with my final exams. I need to work harder and faster to finish the written instruction before Christmas and the holidays. Keep in mind that this will be a great challenge for the upcoming holidays and will keep you busy making beautiful projects.

I was not lucky enough to see the projects made from the last two patterns. I wish the buyers could have shared some beautiful pictures of their projects. I am not a well-known designer though!

Anyway, I will be free for full 24 days before next semester in January 2022 and will work on my unfinished projects and patterns. I am writing a book about mosaic crochet as well. I started to take notes in 2020 and I guess I have enough notes on hand and I am ready now to work more on it. I hope to finish this project before March 2022. I will self-publish this book on googleplay book. Stay tuned!

Happy holidays and Merry Chrismas


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